Lets Talk about Design

It’s probably too much of a cliche to start a blog talking about how long you’ve been meaning to write and how you’ve always put it off, isn’t it? I’ll skip that bit.

I just got back from Goa, from Kyoorius Designyatra, a three day conference that completely blew my mind. Talking about what happened there will be a long, long post considering the incredible line up of speakers they’d managed to bring in. So I’ll save that for a little later.

Seven Days to Goa

I’d been counting days down to Designyatra with such excitement. It’s not very often that Indian designers come together in the same space to talk about design. Last year, I attended the conference for the first time. I was a student and had just handed in my final project, so I’ll admit I enjoyed Goa a little more than I enjoyed the conference. This year was entirely different.

I know a lot changes a few months into your first job, but I had no idea this much would change! I left for Goa this year determined to have the best four days ever. And I did. The event was planned beautifully, the venue, The Grand Hyatt, Goa, was perfect. The speakers spoke with a kind of raw honesty that I hadn’t seen before. The weather didn’t quite co-operate, but I didn’t care.

I came back to Bangalore happy, inspired and more in love with design than ever before. How could I not write about it?


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