Snippets from the London Design Festival #2. The role of designers today

Keiichi Matsuda spoke this afternoon about the installation he was commissioned to work on for the London Design Festival. (I’ll go into details and show you some pictures of his fabulous installation later. That spectacular piece of work demands it’s own piece of writing)

When talking about why he did what he did, he said something that I hadn’t really heard anyone say before. The role of designers today, he said, is to provide updated views of the future. 

Decades ago, designers did that. They visualized the future and they put their ideas in front of us. They set challenges. They threw open questions. Today, with the digital world having progressed as it has, Keiichi Matsuda said, a lot of those challenges have been met. Designers need to set new ones now. Through his installation for the LDF (The Prism) he has tried to put forth new views of the future.

Keiichi Matsuda is an award winning designer and film maker whose research and work on augmented reality has been published and widely acclaimed. He has a ‘multi-disciplinary approach to his work and uses a mixture of video, motion graphics, interaction design, and architecture to create vibrant ‘hyper-real’ environments where the distinctions between physical and virtual start to dissolve.’ So when he says a lot of previously set challenges in the digital world have been met, you know he means it. 


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